Brine filtration Systems

Fil Sep Equipments Pvt. Ltd. designs, fabricates, manufactures, supplies, erects and commissions brine filtration plant. We undertake trial run responsibility for absolutely critical separation of solids upto 0.3 micron size and less than 0.5 ppm level before ion exchange process in membrane cell based Caustic - Chlorine (chlor-alkali) plant. The unit consists of the pre coat tank, body feed tank, filtration units, pumps, valves, automization ( PLC or DCS based )  and many other instruments & units as per the customers requirement. The purpose of the filtration unit is to eliminate suspended solid in the brine and supply clear brine to the downstream ion exchange resin tower. A typical process of brine treatment process has the following equipment in the order of the process:-  Clarifier, Sand Filter (Anthracite filter), Brine Filter, Ion Exchange Resin and Cells. This filtration unit is the key unit to protect Ion Exchange Resin and Ion Membrane Cells from any damages, caused because of the suspended impurities.