Cartridge Filters

Contaminants entering a process system can easily cause costly damage to machinery and sensitive equipment, as well as contaminate the system. Fil Sep’s high quality filter elements prevent unwanted contaminants from entering your system, by stopping them at the inlet point. Dirty process streams can be attributed to several factors such as:
  • Degradation products
  • Incoming dirt
  • Corrosion products
  • Reaction products
  • Improper filtration
Fil Sep’s elements are designed, engineered and manufactured in various media to provide reliability and consistency in performance. Fil Sep can provide filter in different media in different micron ratings and different configuration to cater to the requirement of our customer. We study and provide the exact filter requirement for our customers’ different and critical applications. Our range of absolute and nominal filters provides customers a wide range to meet their process requirements.
Our engineering expertise helps us in designing and manufacturing optimum size filter vessel to match the process and foot print requirements. Our process & mechanical engineering expertise helps customers in substituting a better filter in their existing pressure vessels, thus minimising the overall cost for the customer. Filters can be designed in simplex or duplex depending on the process requirement of the customer.