Lubrication Systems

Since its beginning in 2007, Lubrication Systems Division’s primary product has been lube oil systems. Our particular strength is Customized special purpose oil systems. Lube Oil Console is the auxiliary equipment for Rotary Equipments, which provides Reliability, Repeatability and Consistency of that Turbo Rotary equipment. The main function of the Lube Oil Console is to supply clean and cool oil to all the bearing points of the system i.e, Turbine system, Compressor system, Centrifugal Pump system etc. Lube Oil Console increase the life of bearing & shaft by providing continuous lubrication and it increases the efficiency of the system.



Turbo machinery like turbines, blowers, compressors etc generate significant heat due to mechanical friction. It is critical that all moving parts remain properly lubricated for optimum efficiency and longevity of the equipment.

Lube Oil Consoles supply clean, cool oil to all bearing points before, during and after turbine/ compressor operation. As this oil circulates through the turbine/ compressor, it picks up heat from the parts it is intended to cool, and therefore must be cooled itself via a heat exchanger.

A Lube Oil Console, which is generally skidded separately from the turbine/Compressor, will generally consist of a main oil pump, an auxiliary oil pump, twin oil filters, twin oil coolers (heat exchangers), an oil reservoir/ main oil tank, interconnecting piping and necessary controls and instrumentation, Control oil pump with motors, emergency oil pump with DC motors, accumulators, overhead tank, collecting tank


The turbo machinery lube Oil Console business has certain regulations and specifications which are internationally followed. The American Petroleum Institute (API) is the recognized standard on this subject. Specifically API-614 covers the turbo machinery Skid (Console) and auxiliary equipment including the Lube Oil Cooler.



Generally Fil Sep Equipment Pvt Ltd’s scope of equipment / skid and services shall be as per the PID’s given by customer. Alternatively Fil Sep Equipment Pvt Ltd also manufactures and designs lube oil skids as per guidelines given in API 614



Main Oil Tank Skid :
This shall consist of the Main Oil Tank, AC aux. motor driven oil pump, DC emergency oil pump, AC control oil pumps, Vapor exhauster, pressure regulating valves, safety relief valves, associated pipes, valves, fittings, instrumentation, etc..

Cooler & Filter Skid :

This shall consist of the. Duplex Lube Oil coolers, Duplex Control Oil Coolers, Duplex Lube oil filter, Duplex Control oil Filters, Control Oil Accumulator, associated pipes, instrumentation, valves, fittings, etc.


  • Generators
  • Motors Turbines Pumps
  • Mills
  • Gears
  • Other


  • Piping to ANSI B31.1 and B31.11
  • Instrumentation and Electrical to worldwide standards including NEC, CSA, IEC, CENELEC, CE
  • Control Panels
  • NDE testing Capabilities
  • Welding to ASME Section IX and CSA W47.1
  • Extensive field support


All systems are full run tested in our finest test facility.  Each console is operated under simulated working conditions.

A written quality assurance certificate and performance test reports are provided with every unit.

  • All incoming raw material
  • Radiography, UT, MPI, LP as per ASME
  • Hydrostatic Test for tank, filters, coolers, piping etc.
  • System run test under normal operating conditions
  • Flow measurements at different control valve settings
  • Flow and Pressure testing under operating conditions
  • Vibration/ Noise Measurement

Other test as per customers’ requirement can be provided.