Project Management

Project scope and schedule are priority items for the Filsep team as soon as a client awards us a project. For each project, we designate a project manager who will have a complete responsibility to ensure the client order is safely completed to client expectations, to high standards of quality and on-time delivery. The designated project manager is the focal point of communication and coordination throughout the project and is responsible for the coordination and control of all project activities and expenditures, including finalization of process designs, development of mechanical designs, detailed engineering, equipment specification and procurement, equipment fabrication and assembly, testing, shipping, installation (if applicable), and commissioning.
Our Project managers are the people who drive the project and they get unwavering support from all the departments to ensure timely execution maintaining our high standards. One of the many benefits we believe that the project manager brings to the safe implementation on all projects is a closer customer relationship with our clients and better understanding of their needs.

Project Flow